Climate Action

Earth Day Network Sundance Recap

We’re back from a star studded weekend as the non-profit host of the Mirai Music Lodge at the #SundanceFilmFestival! Earth Day Network talked with celebrities about protecting Earth’s winter habitats and about global reforestation. Guests signed their names on the globe where they would like us to plant trees, choosing among our projects in Haiti, India, and Canada. Non-scientific results points to Haiti as the winning location. For every signature, we’ve pledged to plant 1,000 trees. #Trees4Earth Celebrities included Bryce Howard (Jurassic World), John Krasinski (The Office and 13 Hours), Rob Zombie, Spike Lee, Elisabeth Moss (The West Wing), Lisa Edelstein (House) and Katie Couric. Check out our awesome photos! Toyota sponsored the event. After more than 20 years of rigorous testing, Toyota says its zero emission Mirai is ready to move the alternative fuel movement forward.