Climate Education

Earth Day Network Releases Teach-In Toolkits for Earth Day 2017

In preparation for Earth Day on April 22nd, Earth Day Network has launched five toolkits to encourage and inspire local leaders to engage their communities in environmental activism. In line with the theme for 2017, Environmental and Climate Literacy, teach-ins will be held simultaneously around the world as tribute to the first Earth Day in 1970. This year, Earth Day Network is co-organizing the March for Science rally and teach-in on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  More than 100,000 science marches and teach-ins are being organized in the United States, in India and in other countries. “We are especially pleased that scientists are reaching out to EDN and the environmental community to participate in Earth Day and our worldwide activities,” said Kathleen Rogers, president of Earth Day Network. The first toolkit, “Earth Day Action Toolkit: Educating and Activating Communities for Change,” is a general guide on how to organize an event in local communities, ranging from more teach-ins to reforestation events. The second, “Environmental Teach-in Toolkit,” gives details on what an Earth Day teach-in can accomplish and how to effectively and efficiently organize one. The third, “Global Day of Conversation Toolkit for Local Governments” promotes the Global Day of Conversation campaign, where local governments can learn how to discuss the quality of environmental education with their constituents.  The fourth, “MobilizeU: Campus Teach-In Toolkit,” provides step-by-step instructions for colleges and universities to host their own teach-ins.  We also have comprehensive Guides and Resources for Communities of Faith. And a toolkit for Climate Education week will be available shortly. Toolkits and other resources can be found on the Earth Day Network website, “We need to build a global citizenry fluent in the concept of climate change and inspired by environmental education to act in defense of the planet,” said Rogers. The teach-in technique was deployed at the first Earth Day in 1970, where concerned citizens gathered across the country to learn about environmental degradation. The activism that followed led to the passing of the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, which are considered landmark legislation in environmental protection. Earth Day Network works in 192 countries is a catalyst for action and more than 1 billion people are expected to participate in this year’s marches, teach-ins and actions. EDN is asking organizers to register their events on Earth Day Network’s website. This can be done at For information or to schedule an interview, please contact [email protected] or call 202-518-0044 or 202-355-8875.