Climate Action

Earth Day Network Plants 12,500 Trees in China with Support from Dell Technologies

  5/25/18 Earth Day Network, with the support of Dell Technologies, has initiated a project to plant 12,500 Haloxylon trees, one tree on behalf of each Dell Technologies employee in Greater China. The trees will be planted in Alxa League in Inner Mongolia as part of SEE Foundation’s 100 Million Haloxylon project. This project is designed to help with conditions of severe drought and desertification in the Alxa League region of the Alashan desert. All trees are required to be planted and maintained by local people trained to ensure the long-term survival of the trees. Being highly drought resistant, Haloxylon trees were selected because they play an important role in the establishment of shelter belts and the fixation of sand as a counter to desertification. In addition, the trees’ thick bark stores water. The project already has had a significant environmental impact–more than 657,000 acres of desert vegetation has been restored so far. This action also commemorates Dell Technologies in China’s project to build a Legacy of Good, underscoring Dell’s commitment to putting its technology and expertise to work where they can do the most good for people and the planet. “Dell Technologies Greater China is excited to participate in Canopy Project and hopes these 12,500 trees can take deep root and flourish in the Alashan desert. Looking to the future, we will continue in our efforts to make greater contributions to protect our planet” said Dr. Chenhong Huang, President of Dell Technologies Greater China. First launched in 2010, Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project works worldwide, focusing on environmentally critical areas, to strengthen communities through tree planting and reforestation. Tree planting restores deforested land and ecosystem services, helps combat climate change, and provides economic opportunities, benefiting both local communities and the environment. Going beyond just tree planting, the Canopy Project empowers organizations and individuals to actively and consciously conserve, repair, and restore forest resources on their lands. To date, Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project has planted tens of millions of trees. Dell Technologies Greater China’s participation in this project will support EDN’s goal of planting 7.8 billion trees, one tree for each person on Earth, for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020.