Climate Action

Action Alert: Urge the Icelandic Government to End Whale Hunting

Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers sent a letter urging the Icelandic Government to rethink it decision to set a new, five-year, quota that could lead to the hunting and killing of up to 2,130 baleen whales. Why We Need to Stop Commercial Whaling: “Most countries and citizens in the world have long considered whaling barbaric and totally out of step with humanity’s relationship with the environment and nature,” Rogers writes in our letter. “There is abundant scientific evidence pointing to the unacceptable suffering of all animals with advanced nervous systems and well-developed brains, and there is increasing evidence of strong cultural behavior among members of their communities. “Iceland is a modern, advanced and forward-looking economy and can be rightly proud of its many efforts to advance environmental protection, climate action and sustainable development, including in respect to renewable energy and laudable electrification of its transport systems. Setting new quotas for hunting whales is a stain on Iceland’s reputation and undermines its positive evolving track-record in respect to its progressive polices in other sustainability arenas.” What You Can Do: Join us in challenging the Icelandic Government to reconsider their decision and instead announce that whaling has been consigned to the history books, where it thoroughly deserves to be. Sign our letter now.