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Earth Day Network Commends New Fuel Efficiency Standard

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Contact: Matt Young
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Earth Day Network Commends New Fuel Efficiency Standard  
WASHINGTON, DC — JUNE 17, 2011— President Obama announced the first substantive update to American fuel efficiency standards in thirty years. Earth Day Network commends this critical step toward reducing America’s dependence on fossil fuels while addressing the tremendous impact automobiles have on the climate crisis.
The new accord proposes a fuel efficiency standard of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. Estimates project that the new rules will deliver average fuel savings of $8,000 per vehicle by 2025, for a total of $1.7 trillion in savings for American households.
“I applaud this decisive bid to improve U.S. fuel efficiency and reduce tailpipe emissions. While Washington is deadlocked in budget negotiations, the administration has delivered $1.7 trillion in fuel savings for American households.”
The new standards set ambitious benchmarks for fuel economy improvements starting in 2017, mandating improvements of up to 5% each model year.  The administration expects the new fuel consumption and emissions targets to spur innovation and bring new technologies to market.
Full details on the program will emerge later this year. The EPA and NHTSA will issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking by September 2011. Public hearings and a comment period will follow, providing the public a chance to react to the proposed rules.
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