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Earth Day Education Champion

Educators are critical to the environmental movement. EARTHDAY.ORG’s Education Team is seeking and working with Earth Day Education Champions from schools and education organizations around the world. Earth Day Education Champions will lead and facilitate Earth Day Activities all year long. Champions will contribute to EARTHDAY.ORG‘s mission is to diversify, educate, and activate the world’s largest environmental movement.

Visit our resource library for existing lessons and activities.

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What does an Earth Day Education Champion do?

  1. Organize and register school events and activities around Earth Day. 
  2. Serve as the point of contact and communication for year-long EARTHDAY.ORG activities.
  3. Receive and provide feedback on education materials and resources. 

Benefits of being an Earth Day Education Champion

  • Create, contribute to, and comment on the Earth Day curriculum and resources on our website.
  • Feature your classroom, school, or activities in our Newsletter, social media platforms or website. 
  • Exclusive access to EARTHDAY.ORG competitions and prizes.
  • Participate in our global network of Earth Day Champions and Educators in Earth Day Live Webinars.
  • Engage directly with the Earth Day Education Team to suggest, refine, or share resources and activities.

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