Artists for the Earth

Earth Day 2023 Call for Poster Submissions

Everyone has their part in the green revolution. From businesses that innovate to governments that incentivize to individuals who demand action – only united can we save the Earth.

That’s why EARTHDAY.ORG is continuing its 2022 theme into Earth Day 2023: Invest In Our Planet. To invest means to commit resources in order to generate a substantial return. By investing time, energy, and money throughout all layers of society, we can achieve the green revolution and create a sustainable economy with opportunities for all.

And here’s an opportunity for you: we’re putting out an open call for submissions for the Earth Day 2023 official posters. Incorporate one of the three pillars of Invest In Our Planet – individuals, businesses, or governments – in your design and we’ll choose one representing each.

Send your poster as a .png to [email protected] by January 1, 2023 and we will reach out for the final files if your submission is chosen.