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Earth Day 2018 Around the Globe

It wouldn’t be possible to list all the amazing Earth Day celebrations that took place across the globe. Last we checked, there were events registered on our website (from A to Z) in Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, France, the Gambia, Ghana, Guatemala, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Zambia. Below, is a cross-section of events: Earth Day The Gambia 2018: Coordinated mainly by volunteers, this event brought together in the town of Bansang, 100 public officials, experts, teachers, extension workers, community leaders, students and citizens to learn and develop action plans to improve waste management practices. Also part of the program: a rally at the Bakoteh Dumpsite and a beach cleanup at Serekunda Beach. Hear EDN President Kathleen Rogers discuss it. Earth Day Global Broadcast: On Earth Day, Sunday April 22, 2018 the Earth Day Global Broadcast aired globally on, in collaboration with Earth Day Network. Actor and environmentalist Ed Begley, Jr. and Rachel Carson-Begley will host. Earth Day Italia: From the 21st through the 25th of April in the Villa Borghese (Rome, Italy) the event was organized by Earth Day Italia and the Focolare Movement. Included: five days of music, sport, culture and activities dedicated to the protection of the planet. The 2018 event’s focus was on the 2030 Agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through five talk shows dedicated to the 5Ps of sustainability: People, Planet, Prosperity, Partnership, Peace. Tree-Planting with Sappraiwan Elephant Sanctuary: The elephant sanctuary in Thailand committed to planting 300 trees this Earth Day, in partnership with the Phitsanulok Province Government. 300 trees were provided to community members to plan at their homes or at the sanctuary. Green Room Festival 2018: Tokyo, Japan joined the world in celebrating Earth Day with an array of events coordinated under the Green Room Festival, which attracted thousands of participants. The events: beach clean-ups, music presentations, arts exhibits, yoga classes, and more. Billion Acts of Green in China: Earth Day Network relaunched its Billion Acts of Green campaign in China for Earth Day 2018 with the “End Plastic Pollution” theme. Events were hosted by schools, college student associations, museums and local nonprofits to educate and activate people to prevent plastic pollution. More than 37 events were registered in 22 cities in China, with an estimated 20,000 participants. US Army Corps of Engineers: The institution has 37,000 personnel in 9 divisions in 45 districts covering the United States and more than 91 foreign countries that are organizing Earth Day activities and events. “No-Plastic” Pop-up in Karnataka State in India: The event brought together organizations that champion environmental sustainability in fields including electric vehicles, solar power, and zero-waste living. Workshops were led by these leaders to discuss their journeys in low-pollution living and sharing tips with the audience on reducing their own waste. In addition, our team at Earth Day Network-India were instrumental in engaging the public on our End Plastic Pollution campaign. #StirCrazy Earth Day: Live for Earth Day, the #StirCrazy campaign aims to eradicate plastic stirrers from the world by 2020. It combines chains (coffee and food stores and suppliers) and the public and government, including Romania and the UK. Earth Day Fair at Mississippi Southern State University: The Native American Student Association from Mississippi Southern State University held an Earth Day Fair on April 20, with tabling and live music in front of the Billingsly Student Union in Hattiesburg, MS, USA. The Great American Cleanup: This event in Palm Beach, FL, USA, engaged citizens to get involved with efforts to remove waste from the environment and drastically improve their communities. The Bi-State Watershed Cleanup: This annual event takes place along the Hackensack River Watershed to clean waste and debris from the waterbodies in both New York and New Jersey, USA. The Park Ridge Green Team received the 2013 State of NJ Clean Water Award and the 2015 Collaboration Award from Sustainable Jersey. Zero Waste Colchester Recycling Expo 2018: The goal of this Earth Day event in Colchester, UK was to inspire and promote the repair, reuse, and recycling of all materials to a wider audience. Earth Day – A Day on Environmental Protection for the Benefit of AllThis London, UK, event on April 22 featured speakers discussing the preservation of our planet, global/local issues like sustainability, and plastics pollution. Also: a panel discussion, short films, and stalls promoting local green businesses, and fun activities for all ages. Earth Day by the Bay: A family-friendly, sustainable and educational expo celebrating Earth Day took place in San Francisco, California, USA, and around the greater Bay Area. A Dialogue on Ending Plastic Pollution – Opportunities for the Public and Private Sectors: Earth Day Network co-hosts this panel discussion, which includes EDN President Kathleen Rogers, at the Finnish Embassy on Monday, April 23 in Washington, DC, USA. Earth Day at The National Museum of Natural History in Santiago, Chile: Citizens participated on April 20 and 21 in Earth Day events, including talks on biodiversity conservation, trees, and more. Kicking the Plastic Bag Addiction: A Plan for Response to Plastic Pollution: Representatives from nations around the world met in New York on April 20, 2018 for a roundtable co-hosted by the Government of Quebec, Earth Day Network, and New York University. The discussion focused on ongoing efforts to tackle plastic pollution through taxes and bans on plastic bags. Read our post on the event. Earth Day at the Bullitt Center 2018: Denis Hayes, the original coordinator of Earth Day 1970 and Chair Emeritus of Earth Day Network as well as President and CEO of the Bullitt Foundation in Seattle, USA, held an Earth Day event on April 17 featuring a tour of the greenest building in the world.