Dive for earthday

Join scuba divers around the globe for the world’s largest underwater cleanup on Earth Day

Get Involved, Our Oceans Depend On Divers

Earth Month, April 2024, divers across the planet are coming together to clean up reefs, marine parks, and other ocean habitats for #DiveForEarthDay. These ecosystems rely on your skills as a diver to stay clean and healthy –– it’s up to us to make a difference. Find a dive event near you or register your individual or group dive to join the movement and protect vital aquatic ecosystems this April.

Scuba divers know better than most how essential the ocean is to life on Earth. They’re also aware of the threats posed to this biome by human civilization. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish (by weight) if action isn’t taken immediately. Clearly, we need to come together to protect the Blue Planet from the tide of plastic pollution.

Our Progress

On Earth Day 2023, EARTHDAY.ORG partnered with the leading scuba organizations Aqualung, PADI, Nudi Wear as well as Kanu Hawaii, to launch #DiveForEarthDay, an effort to engage the global scuba community by organizing dozens of underwater cleanup events around the Pacific Ocean, primarily in the Hawaiian Islands and Palau.

On Earth Day, EDO’s National Campaign Manager, Evan Raskin participated in the flagship event for Dive For Earth Day at Ala Moana Beach Park, also known as Magic Island: a peninsula on the coast of Honolulu well known in the community for extreme levels of pollution. Dozens of scuba divers worked to remove over three tons of trash from Magic Island’s heavily polluted waters. Before the dive, this team met with the Governor of Hawaii to discuss the importance of this work and the need for his strong leadership on ending plastic pollution and ocean conservation.

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