Climate Action

Democrats, Unlike Republicans, Don’t Deny Basic Science

“The debate [on climate change] is over. Climate change is real.” Those were Senator Bernie Sander’s words on the issue of climate change on Sunday night during the Democratic presidential debate in Charleston, SC. The other candidates – former Senator Hillary Clinton and former Governor Martin O’Malley – also chimed in the importance of action on the issue. It is clear that all three Democrats stand on the side of the science of climate change. The only difference amongst them might lie in their proposals to tackle the issue. Governor O’Malley was clear in teasing out that difference by stressing his plan for a 100% clean energy electric grid by 2050 as he challenged his fellow democratic candidates to join with him. He also advocated for alternative energy sources and called for moving American cities to cleaner and greener designs, which would in turn produce more employment opportunities. Senator Clinton mentioned the need for the shift toward alternative energy sources. She highlighted the current environmental/ water crisis in Flint, Michigan, as an example of the need for action to protect American lives from such pollution and disregard for public safety. While there is a strong consensus on climate change and its effects among the Democratic candidates, the Republican side is still loath to address the issue in any serious way. On that point, Senator Sanders and Governor O’Malley expressed utter disbelief at not believing and following the clean undeniable scientific evidence. As climate voters, we have to be aware of where our candidates stand on the issues important to us. It is important to follow the news and the debate. Here’s to an eye-opening campaign season!