COP26 Survey Results

Compared to other important global issues, how concerned about climate change are you?

Do you feel that there is an increase in extreme weather events due to the effects of climate change?

Should education about climate change be compulsory in school systems?

The outcome of this year’s UNFCCC conference (COP26) in Glasgow will drastically improve efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

I expect that governments, corporations, and civil society will work together to address the climate crisis within the next ten years.

The business community will have a major positive impact on negotiations at COP26.

Commitments made at COP26 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions should be binding.

Governments should be doing more to promote the creation of green jobs.

The G20 (developed countries) should be doing more to help the developing world mitigate the effects of climate change.

Should governments subsidize the research and development of low carbon technologies and carbon sequestration solutions?

Should governments implement carbon emissions pricing models to incentivize the switch to green energy solutions?