Climate Action

Coastal Areas’ Predicted Investment in Rain Boots

I own a pair. Do you? Of course we know what rain boots are used for… Well, the rain. But what about having to buy a pair because your entire street is constantly flooded? A recent analysis of 52 tide gauges stretching from Portland, Maine to Freeport, Texas, shows that numerous coastal communities are projected to experience a drastic increase in the number and severity of tidal flooding over the next few decades. The source of this phenomenon? Increasing sea level rise due to extreme weather patterns. From higher temperatures, changing landscapes, more severe natural disasters, and detrimental impacts on human health and wildlife from rising sea levels, these unpredictable weather patterns continue to take a toll on the human race and our surroundings. Although tidal flooding may be a minor nuisance today, projections show that by 2030, most of the 52 regions will experience at least 24 tidal floods a year. By 2045, coastal communities are projected to see a foot of sea level rise with extensive flooding that will reach further into neighborhoods and communities. Areas that are fairly unfamiliar with the troubles of coastal flooding will have to deal with chronic flooding by 2045, that’s a 10-fold increase! It is vital for coastal communities to tackle this global issue with the upmost urgency and priority. A number of changes will be required, which will bring about a plethora of challenges and difficulties. Short-term changes include:
  • Flood-proofing homes and neighborhoods,
  • Developing key infrastructure
  • Prevent further development in areas that are in imminent danger of future flooding
Long-term changes include:
  • A comprehensive and well-funded Federal response to this issue
  • Increased efforts to curtail greenhouse gas emissions and reverse effects of climate change
This year, Earth Day Network aims to work closely with coastal cities that are already being forced to adapt to extreme weather patterns, signaling a global need to begin climate adaption efforts. Earth Day Network is proud to launch the Global Day of Conversation Campaign this year, which will work with Government Officials, implement policies, and create climate adaption plans such as air quality improvement plans, sustainable development plans, water and community protection plans and more. We have now run out of time to talk politics and face a dire need to adapt to environmental changes that are already underway.   Avantika Manglik, Intern