Green Cities

CNN Unveils the Secrets Behind Seattle’s Bullitt Center

Dennis Hayes, lifelong environmental activist and Earth Day Network chairman, was interviewed by CNN regarding the greenest commercial building in the world, the Bullitt Center in Seattle, WA. Hayes is the president and CEO of the Bullitt Foundation, and his leadership overseeing the construction of the Bullitt Center has been substantiated by the buildings numerous architecture and sustainability awards. The foundation is currently pursuing the International Living Future Institute’s prestigious Living Building Certification. The Bullitt Center, which touts net-zero energy and water use, features 575 Rooftop solar panels, a 500 gallon rainwater storage tank, sustainable timber, 26 closed-loop geothermic wells, gray water wetland filtration areas, and composting toilets. The Center also has a computer “brain” that senses environmental conditions and reacts accordingly to maximize efficiency and conserve heat.  With the cost of construction at about $30 million, the building cost 25% more than a standard office building. Businesses renting space in the Bullitt Center report improved employee morale and work quality. Author: Ben Criswell, EDN Intern