Green Cities

Bullitt Center Named World’s Most Sustainable Building

Earth Day Network is proud to announce that the Bullitt Center, a commercial building in Seattle, has been named the most “Sustainable Building of the Year” by World Architecture News (WAN). The building—built by organizer of the first Earth Day and Earth Day Network board chair Denis Hayes—enjoyed its ribbon-cutting ceremony on Earth Day 2013. The Bullitt Center features a wide variety of sustainable innovations, including a grey water collection and filtration system, composting toilets, a 242-kilowatt solar rooftop, a solar-powered radiant heating system in its concrete floors, and 400-foot heat exchanger wells. The building acts as a living organism. It monitors light, carbon dioxide, indoor-outdoor temperatures, and weather conditions, and self-adjusts accordingly. According to one of WAN’s judges, “There was obviously a deep commitment and collaboration from client, public agencies, and the multidisciplinary design team to making important new discoveries for sustainable design.” Other finalists for the award were located in Hong Kong, Norway, Australia, Sweden, and United Arab Emirates. Earth Day Network applauds Denis Hayes and the Bullitt Center for their well-deserved recognition.