Climate Action

Banning Disposable Plastic in New Delhi

As of the first of this year, the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi has begun implementing a ban on disposable plastic to help decrease pollution within the city and ultimately the planet. According to the National Green Tribunal (NGT), cutlery, bags, cups, and various forms of single-use plastic are now prohibited from use in the NCT. The measure is among the steps being taken by companies and the government to reduce the use of plastic and improve practices related to its disposal. India, the world’s largest democracy, has a growing population which causes a growing plastic waste problem. Plastic is illegally burnt at many dumpsites causing a lot of air pollution and smog. If the plastic isn’t burnt, then it ends up in the ocean. In fact, according to the Times of India, approximately 60 percent of the plastic that resides in the ocean originates from India. Regarding plastics, this initiative is a great first step for India and is a policy that can and should be expanded throughout the country and taken worldwide. This Earth Day, April 22nd, 2017 provides a perfect opportunity for communities worldwide to follow this lead and take similarly ambitious actions to preserve and protect our planet. By Eunyque Sykes