Green Cities

Art Works For Change

For Earth Day 2017, Earth Day Network has teamed up with Art Works for Change, an Oakland-based arts organization. Art Works for Change creates contemporary art exhibitions that address critical social and environmental issues. They have created an online art exhibition for Earth Day 2017, featuring works from acclaimed artists. The exhibition also contains an Earth Day Network Featured Tour which combines artwork from the exhibition with information about Earth Day and the campaigns of the Earth Day Network. As you go through the exhibit, we at EDN hope you notice the education and awareness messaging which compliments the Earth Day 2017 theme of environmental and climate literacy. Artists featured include Lori Nix, Sebastian Copeland, Chris Drury, Alexis Rockman and more. According to Art Works for Change, “Our collaboration with Earth Day Network is a unique opportunity to inspire action on urgent environmental issues. By combining the power of art with the global reach of Earth Day, we can amplify the call to action on issues of sustainability and build upon the momentum of the environmental movement.” The exhibition is presented in an innovative digital format that combines stunning images with unique, interactive features such as deep-zoom viewing, blog-style content, and an integrated social media campaign that empowers individuals to take action in their own lives. Visit the exhibition this Earth Day and check out the Earth Day Network Featured Tour!”