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Share Your Air: Document Your Air Quality with the App

Document Your Air Quality with the Global Earth Challenge App

In partnership with the Wilson Center and the U.S. State Department, Earth Day Network has created a new air quality recording tool: the Global Earth Challenge app.

To get started, all one needs is a smartphone. With Global Earth Challenge, users can record images of the horizon to be added to a global database of similar air quality recordings. These data points will form a global map of readings, showing how air quality varies around the planet and how human activity shapes these trends.

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Uniting on Earth Day, despite social distancing

As the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, Earth Day 2020 was already going to be a historic event. COVID-19 and social distancing has forced us apart, but we’re still an interconnected entity that will operate digitally as one to create change. 

Air quality and your health

Our current health crises can highlight the importance of understanding and combating air pollution. Respiratory diseases like COVID-19 are exacerbated by air pollution. Respiratory and cardiovascular problems caused by air pollution already hurt millions around the world, oftentimes the most vulnerable.

We need to understand and improve the quality of our air so that we protect people from suffering even further. Let’s use the momentum we have on Earth Day to bring healthy air to people around the world.

Without leaving home, millions of users can record the quality of the air outside their window. Users can take readings throughout the day to track how human activity and weather patterns change the air we breathe. Each reading will add to a global database of knowledge and help us understand how our world works and how we can protect it. 

We may not be able to come together in person this Earth Day, but we have the tools, the people and the passion to come together through Global Earth Challenge.

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