Take Action

Go Plant-Based Once a Week

Fight climate change with diet change.

Global meat consumption has grown by a staggering 20% over the last 10 years.

This comes at an extreme cost to the health of our planet and self. The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that the meat industry generates nearly 1/5 of the man-made greenhouse gas emissions accelerating climate change worldwide – more than the entire transportation sector!

Additionally, producing meat requires a huge amount of water. An estimated 1,800-2,500 gallons of water go into a single pound of beef. By comparison, producing a plant-based burger generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions, has 99% less impact on water scarcity and 93% less impact on land. Imagine how much carbon and resources we could save if we ate less meat. It doesn’t have to be all in or nothing but you can start somewhere.

For instance, if over the course of a year you:

  • Ate one less burger a week, it would be the equivalent of taking your car off the road for 320 miles.
  • Skipped meat and cheese one day a week with your family, it would be the equivalent of taking your car off the road for five weeks.
  • Switched from using dairy milk to an alternative beverage, the level of greenhouse gases emitted would be two thirds lower, or more!

What we are eating is pushing the planet to the breaking point on climate change and deforestation so commit today to making your next meal plant based and remove meat,  dairy and eggs from your diet at least once one or two days per week. Let’s fight climate change with diet change.