Climate Action

A Bake Sale for the Canopy Project

As Teacher Appreciation Week continues, Earth Day Network is happy to recognize Ms. Lindsey Fagrelius from Skyview High School in Soldotna, Alaska for her contributions to the Canopy Project. For Earth Day 2013, Ms. Fagrelius and her classes organized a bake sale to raise money to plant trees around the world. The program launched on April 15th and lasted through Earth Day. Ms. Fagrelius and her classes set a goal to raise $400.00, one dollar for each person at Skyview. Ms. Fagrelius incentivized her students even further by agreeing to dye her hair if they hit their goal. When the final totals were added up the students were pleased to find that $400.80 worth of baked goods was sold! When asked about how she felt about the project, Ms. Fagrelius said, “I am very inspired by all of the students who have stood up to take leadership roles in the project. It is amazing what a group of students can accomplish when they are motivated towards a goal.” Students were eager to volunteer their time selling the goods. Jesse Graham, a Marine Biology student, gave a speech about the project at the school talent show. Savannah Anchinges, in charge of advertising and make certificates, remarked, “I feel that this project is going to make a difference. It’s better than us not trying. We’re making a difference in every way we can as a school. That counts for something.” Lisa Schulz, a German foreign exchange student, commented, “Buying a cookie for a dollar, and having that dollar plant a tree? It is worth it in the end.”
Earth Day Network commends the students at Skyview High School and Ms. Lindsey Fagrelius on their efforts to make a tangible difference in the world. We are grateful for their donation and proud to support the kind of learning that empowers our young people to work toward sustainable solutions for our global future. Rather than focusing on large-scale forestry, The Canopy Project plants trees that bolster local economies and help communities sustain themselves. Each dollar the students raised will go to plant a tree in an area of need. Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project has planted over 1.5 million trees in 18 countries since 2010. You can help, too. For every dollar you donate, Earth Day Network will plant a tree in an area of the world that needs it most. Click here to chip in.