Green Cities

50 Days till Earth Day!

Just 5 years ago, Earth Day Network rallied over 200,000 people on the National Mall and accumulated more than 40 million acts of green in a single day.  With only 50 days left until our 45th anniversary of Earth Day, we are hard at work towards coordinating our greatest event yet mall. As our 45th anniversary approaches, we have been working hard in order to give others the opportunity to lead their own Earth Day events.  We are creating toolkits in order to give other leaders the materials and the knowledge that they need in order to host successful Earth Day events. Have you seen our Leadership Guide? Our Leadership Guide walks through the basics of hosting an event and includes some excellent suggestions on how to spend your Earth Day making a difference. We will soon release a Global Day of Conversation toolkit, a guide to hosting a dialogue between local leaders and community members, as well as a toolkit that will help faith-based groups host Earth Day events and conversations. We are also working towards hosting a Climate Education Week (April 18th-25th).  For this, we are compiling a climate education toolkit which includes a climate based curriculum, writing and poster contests, and interactive activities to give students a more hands-on learning experience.  Through these actions, we hope that you can join us in the climate movement towards a more sustainable future. We want to know what you are doing! Organizations all over the world are hosting their own events and making a difference this Earth Day and you can as well. Please register your events and Acts of Green. This Earth Day, we need to stand up and show world leaders that they need to take action as well.  Our leaders are working towards signing a binding climate change agreement and we need to hold them accountable to this.  With the help of our toolkits, everyone can help to lead by example in order to set a precedent for their own community, as well as our world leaders.  We hope that everyone can commit to leading or joining an act of green in order to lessen our climate impact and to encourage others to do the same. Maurita Obermiller & Oonagh Cavanagh, Interns