Climate Action

2020: Celebrating Earth Day and Ludwig van Beethoven!

Author: Christian Lorenz Artistic Director, BTHVN 2020 2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day – 50 years of campaigning for action to safeguard our planet. 2020 is also the 250th anniversary of the birth of the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven – an artist with a special bond to Nature. To mark this double celebration, the Earth Day Network and the Beethoven Anniversary Society, together with UN Climate Change, are partnering in an exciting cultural project to promote action addressing today’s environmental challenges. It is a chance for artists of all stripes to show their commitment to our Planet and its future – with creativity and flair. The Beethoven Pastoral Project invites artists from all over the world to take a stand against environmental degradation and in favour of global sustainability and the Paris Climate Change Agreement. How? By engaging with Beethoven’s “Pastoral” (Sixth) Symphony – his masterpiece that epitomises the unity between humanity and nature. The Project calls on orchestras, ensembles, composers, singers, musicians, dancers, poets, film-makers – artists of all kinds – to unleash their creativity and present “their Pastoral”. Participation can take the form of orchestral performances of the Pastoral Symphony or performances of original music in other genres inspired by it; original dance works; visual, performance or video art, or other creations from poetry to street art. The high point of the performances around the world will be on Earth Day (22 April) in 2020. But “your Pastoral” can also be performed according to “your schedule” until June 2020. Inspired by the Pastoral Symphony’s iconic themes, let’s make a “glorious noise” reflecting a shared commitment to living in harmony with Nature – and to a better world for millions of people. Visit the Beethoven Pastoral Project website for more information on the Pastoral Network and Pastoral Day, including on registration, creative material and samples. And stay tuned for more details on the Pastoral Project-Earth Day partnership as 2020 approaches.