The Global Meditation for Change

Throughout Earth Day and the weekend preceding it, faith communities across the planet will be coming together for a Global Meditation for Change. Join leaders worldwide as we meditate together for a more sustainable and equitable future.

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A Faith-Based Call to Action

Within most spiritual traditions, common themes exist, calling on humanity to serve as caretakers of nature and to strive to foster a higher quality of life for all beings on Earth. During this global moment of unity, faith communities of all backgrounds and geographies will express these values through their unique cultural lens.

As the theme for this Earth Day is Planet vs Plastic, faith communities are encouraged to discuss and take action against the production, proliferation, and pollution caused by the plastics industry. Addressing the plastics crisis must be a priority for the humanitarian mission at the heart of many faith traditions; doing so may save countless lives.

We invite all spiritual stewards of our planet to join this global meditation for change and also bring a moment of peace throughout our shared home.

This Earth Day is the dawn for a renewed commitment to environmental action and a brighter future for humanity, and we hope you join us!

Past Activations

For Earth Day 2023, EDO coordinated an international, interfaith Global Moment of Peace initiative. Over 134 events in at least 21 countries were planned to bring these efforts to life; most events were held at/around sunrise in natural spaces of spiritual importance to the local community.

Faith leaders united across all six inhabited continents, from the shores and volcanoes of Hawaii, to religions institutions across India, to the peaks of Machu Picchu and beyond. Judaism, Islam, Brahma Kumaris, Quakers, Protestant Christianity, Buddhism, Canadian First Nation traditions, Catholicism, Native Hawaiian spirituality, and Indigenous Andean traditions were all represented within the global event.