INC – 3
Updates With End Plastics Director Aidan Charron

INC Diary – Day 5

Monday November 15 Sleep: Sort of slept but not much as I kept getting emails from our office in Washington DC – cell was pinging

INC Diary – Day 4

Monday November 14 Sleep: Slept like log after I opened the window to hear the sounds of Nairobi. Mood: Slightly exhausted, everyone’s working long hoursBusy day

INC Diary – Day 3

Monday November 13 Sleep:  Slept!! Mood: Bring it on plastics.Woke up refreshed and set off at 8am to the UN building to get cracking. Have

INC Diary – Day 2

Sunday November 12 Sleep: Terrible, my brain just wont switch off.Mood: Lots to do and anticipating problems, there are aways unforeseen problems!Woke up at 6am

INC Diary – Day 1

Saturday November 11 LOCATION: Nairobi attending the United Nation’s, Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to develop a legally binding instrument to eradicate plastic pollution. (Affectionally called INC