Earth Day Live:

The youngest generations will be the ones to live with the most devastating effects of climate change and plastic pollution. Therefore, it is essential that leaders and changemakers from younger generations step up and make a difference in their communities while inspiring their peers to do the same. Although young, they have immense power to disrupt the status quo. 

This Earth Day Live, taking place on March 31 at 12PM ET, will feature several youth activists who are bravely taking action to not only clean up the plastic pollution in our environment, but also investing in ways to put an end to mismanaged waste. Panelists will discuss the importance of addressing plastic pollution worldwide, how they created change in their community, and how others can get involved in the solution.


Lefteris Arapakis, Co-Founder and Director, Enaleia - Greece

Plastics cleanup by training and incentivising fishermen to bring back plastic that they fish back to port to be upcycled.

Lillith Electra Platt (Lilly), Founder of Lilly’s Plastic Cleanup - Netherlands

Environmentalist and Influencer who has picked up more than 150,000 pieces of trash at the age of 13.

Pedro Urioste, Youth Climate Activist, Instituto Limpa Brasil Ambassador; President, Jovens Que Limpam - Brazil

Working within Limpa Brasil, Pedro has promoted cleaning efforts and lectures in school. Together with the Vice President of Institutos Limpa Brasil, Edilainne Muniz, Pedro founded the "Youth Who Clean Program", which is the division of young leaders who work within "Limpa Brasil".

Moderator: Colm Flynn - Broadcaster and Journalist.

TV & Radio Host from Ireland, who travels covering international stories for BBC, RTÉ, and EWTN.