Nominate Your Reforestation Project

Nominate Your Reforestation Project

Help Earth Day Network Reach Its 7.8 Billon Tree Goal.

With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day approaching in 2020, Earth Day Network is launching a series of major campaigns to catalyze global collaboration for the planet.

Recognizing the crucial role that forests play in mitigating climate change, and the opportunity before citizens, organizations and corporations to substantively contribute to global reforestation, Earth Day Network has pledged to plant 7.8 billion trees to honor the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020 — that’s one tree for every person on Earth.

The pledge is more than symbolic. Over 60 countries included reforestation in their 2016 COP 21 climate commitments in Paris. A reachable timeline set out by the New York Declaration on Forests cuts global forest loss in half by 2020 and ends forest loss by 2030, while restoring 350 million hectares of land. The result: capturing over a third of the carbon necessary to close the emissions gap.

Since making the 7.8 billion tree pledge in 2016, Earth Day Network has exceeded its first billion trees, with a commitment of 460 million trees from the State of Telangana in India, a massive commitment from the World Scouts to plant over 500 million trees by 2020 and dozens of smaller pledges.

We still have a gigantic amount of work to do. Moving forward, we are seeking commitments from governments and pledges from the private sector. We’re forging partnerships to support land restoration projects, secure financing, and working to accelerate commitments made to satisfy the Paris accords.

Please help us meet our goal and become an official Earth Day 50th Anniversary Tree Planting Partner. We invite you to nominate your projects, funding offers and partnership models. Our Reforestation Committee will evaluate your submission and respond. Thank you for your work!

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