2024 Global Brand Audit

What is a Brand Audit?

A Brand Audit is a citizen science initiative where you track and record what you pick up during your cleanups. During your cleanups you will track the plastic and the brands of the products you remove from the environment. With this data we are able to further understand the plastics crisis and find solutions to prevent plastic from ending up in the environment in the first place.

Get Started!

Step 1

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Step 2

Please Watch This Training Video

Step 3

Plan Your Cleanup and Brand Audit

1 – Select a site, date, and time

Choose a public location: a park, a river, or a similar community site that is ideally accessible by public transportation or bicycle.

2 – Gather Volunteers

Advertise your cleanup to your organization, family, friends, and/or community members

3 – Line Up Supplies for cleanup and brand audit

Important Items To Have: Trash Bags or Buckets, Trash Grabbers, First Aid Kit, Gloves and Hand Sanitizer, Water/ Snacks, Table and chairs, Event Signage

4 – Arrange for disposal 

Coordinate with local waste management through a short phone call to ensure everything is being disposed of in accordance with rules and regulations.

Start your cleanup day!

Step 4

Do The Cleanup And Brand Audit

1 – Orientation and Safety Talk

a.      Before starting the cleanup event, gather your volunteers for an orientation and safety talk.

b.     Designate volunteers who will be doing the brand audit on the data card.

c.      Wear gloves, closed-toe shoes, hat, and sunscreen. Vegetation is sensitive and wildlife is best kept wild.

2 – What to remove and what to leave:

a.      Remove trash, litter, and recyclables. Make sure to separate plastic for the audit.

b.     Leave nature, homeless encampments, dead animals, and any hazardous materials like needles or syringes.

3 – During the Audit – Data Card

a.      Separate plastic items from the trash that you collect

b.     Track the information from the plastic items onto the data card

c.      If you’re not sure of the information, write unknown.

4 – After The Audit – Submission Spreadsheet.

a.      Take the data from the data card and add them to this spreadsheet.

b.     Submit this spreadsheet via the submission form below.

Step 5

Submit Your Data

Why A Brand Audit?

As environmentalists we’ve been doing cleanups for a long time, and as important as this work is, there needs to be change upstream otherwise we will be picking plastic out of the environment forever. We need to turn the plastic tap off. 

By doing a Brand Audit the work you do cleaning up can be captured and used to create change upstream by showcasing the extent of the problem, and highlighting what we can do to change it. Join us and let’s create a waste-free world together.