Join forces with Apple team members around the world this Earth Day by taking part in The Great Global Cleanup!

“With our commitment to carbon neutrality, we hope to be a ripple in the pond that creates a much larger change” – Tim Cook 

Apple is committed to protecting the environment, and Earth Day is a great opportunity to reflect on the importance of safeguarding the planet we all share — and take action to help.

This April, Apple is proud to partner with EARTHDAY.ORG in their Great Global Cleanup campaign. Apple team members can participate by volunteering to pick up trash in your local neighborhoods, parks, streets, schools and beaches – to help keep your community clean, safe and healthy. Volunteer activities should be performed individually and safely per local COVID guidelines.

Sign up here and use this page to register your cleanup, track your activity and see Apple’s global impact.

Apple will match every hour you volunteer in this activity with a US $25 donation to EARTHDAY.ORG. To request a match, log your participation at after you complete your volunteer time. Apple team members have up to two months from the date of service to track their volunteer time.

Do a Cleanup!

  • Follow our Great Global Cleanup Safety Checklist!
  • Cleanup on your own or with a group and report your work!
  • You can find public cleanups available on the cleanup map, or you can look here.
  • Select a location, such as a nearby park or trail, to cleanup.
  • Return to this page and complete your cleanup form.
  • We’ll review your Cleanup and post it to our map!

Report your Cleanup

Reporting your cleanup through this form is optional for tracking your volunteer hours, but your submission will be added alongside all international volunteers who are participating in April.

See all Apple and Public Cleanups

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Green = Public Cleanup | Gray = Apple Cleanup

Fast Facts about Global Waste


Premature deaths annually caused by uncontrolled burning of household waste.


People live without any waste collection services.


Of all plastics ever produced have accumulated in the natural environment or landfills.

Reducing your waste while at home! Ready to help us in our global campaign to build clean communities? Learn more about how you can help as an individual.

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Tiny But Deadly: Cigarette butts are the most commonly polluted plastic, 4.5 Trillion butts currently pollute our global environment. Learn more about how EARTHDAY.ORG is cleaning up tiny toxic waste.

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About Apple and the Environment:

Apple’s corporate operations are carbon neutral. By 2030, Apple will be carbon neutral across our entire business, manufacturing supply chain, and product life cycle — 20 years sooner than IPCC targets. Every Apple device sold will have net zero climate impact. To learn more about Apple’s progress on our commitments, visit

Apple’s Community Investment Program:

Doing something changes everything. And however you get involved, we’re here for you. Apple offers a $25 match per volunteer hour and a 1-for-1 donation match to eligible organizations.

You can also show your support by completing Earth-saving activities through the Missions in our Environmental Sustainability Challenge.  Because you care, we care. You give, we give.

For more information, visit the People site.

Find out more ways to get involved with EARTHDAY.ORG!