Living Legacy Honor for EDN's Board Chair, Gerald Torres | Earth Day Network

Gerald Torres, Earth Day Network’s esteemed Board Chair, was honored this weekend with a Living Legacy award by the Green Latinos, a network of Latino environmental and conservation leaders working to advance environmental activism and environmental justice across the country for Latinos and all Americans.

“It’s not possible to achieve healthy outcomes for communities across the globe without diversifying the environmental movement worldwide,” says Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network “We’re honored to have Gerald serve as Earth Day Network’s Board Chair, and we couldn’t agree more that his lifelong commitment to the environmental movement is worthy of a living legacy award.”

Torres is a leading figure in critical race theory and an expert in agricultural and environmental law. At the awards ceremony, his lifelong commitment was applauded: “He has committed his career to environmental and conservation issues and has demonstrated the highest levels of leadership and commitment to advancing the Latino community in the environmental and conservation fields.”

Check out the video of the ceremony (skip to 45:31 in the video clip see Gerald’s award).