Government Officials

“It’s Our Turn to Lead”™

Local leaders and elected officials are at the forefront of addressing the impacts of economic, political and environmental challenges facing their communities, all while working to balance budgets, create jobs, and produce energy savings.


Earth Day Network presents the 7th annual Global Day of Conversation designed to assist local leaders in these critical efforts, and to spotlight sustainability initiatives.

The Global Day of Conversation is a forum for leaders to engage with their constituents on environmental challenges and opportunities facing their communities. It also provides a platform for leaders to announce new policy commitments related to sustainability, stewardship, and smart growth. These events can take place either on Earth Day (April 22), the weekends before or after Earth Day or Earth Week (April 18-25).

Global Day of Conversation discussions help constituents and other stakeholders understand what their leaders are doing to help build a common future built on sustainability principles. These dialogues enable experts to share best environmental practices, educate the public, and elevate the prominence of local governments in the sustainability discussion.


Previous Global Day of Conversations have focused on issues ranging from conservation and biodiversity, to clean energy jobs and investment, and contribute to innovative and scalable sustainability strategies. In April 2014, over a thousand elected officials, across all 50 states and 176 countries worldwide, participated in the Global Day of Conversation campaign.

Why is it important to engage elected officials?


Elected officials are key players in mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change in their communities. Global Day of Conversation events enable local officials to engage their constituents and community leaders on the need to create and implement plans for a sustainable future, and allow leaders to explain their vision for continued action to tackle environmental issues.

How can government officials become involved?

Local, state, federal and regional governments can take part in Earth Day Network's Global Day of Conversation in several ways:

  • Invite elected officials and local leaders to speak at a forum in their district, or at a forum planned by local Earth Day organizers
  • Host in-person meetings at a library or school
  • Local leaders and elected officials can record a video message to email their constituents or post to their website (Earth Day Network can provide sample language for videos)
  • Host internet-based conferences that elected officials and their constituents or other interested participants can join, either from their home or place of business