Government Officials

Local leaders and elected officials are at the forefront of addressing the impacts of climate change and other environmental challenges facing their communities while at the same time struggling to balance budgets, create jobs, and produce energy savings.


Previous Campaign For Communities events have permitted and will continue to advocate for discussion and interaction between local representatives and their constituents.
As this year's Earth Day Celebrations will be on April 22nd, Earth Day Network is inviting local leaders and elected officials from across the globe to participate or organize a Campaign For Communities event in their area during the month of April.


Why is it important to engage elected officials?
Involving local leaders and elected officials in Campaign for Communities is vital, as local governments are key players in managing the impact of climate change in their communities’ daily lives. Campaign for Communities will permit for local governments to engage their constituents and community leaders in a constructive dialogue about the need to create and implement plans for a sustainable future.
Campaign for Communities and previous Global Day of Conversation events allow leaders to present their civic vision for continued action to tackle environmental issues. These dialogues will permit for leaders to convey ideas and opinions, by sharing best environmental practices, educating the public, and elevating the prominence of local governments in the global sustainability dialogue. 
Discussions like these also help constituents achieve a deeper, shared understanding of the complexities facing communities as they strive to build a sustainable future. Previous Global Day of Conversation campaigns have highlighted environmental such as:
transportation, green education, water, energy, recycling and waste reduction, advocacy, as well as conservation and biodiversity.
How can government officials become involved?
Local governments can take part in Earth Day Network's Campaign for Communities in several ways:
          - Inviting elected officials and local leaders to speak at a forum in their district, or at a forum that is planned by local Earth Day organizers;
          - In-person meetings;
          - Local leaders and elected officials can record a video message that they can email to their constituents or post to their website (Earth Day Network can provide the sample language for videos);
          - Internet-based conferences that elected officials and their constituents or other interested participants can join, either from their homes or places or work.







Click here to see the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Document on Energy Efficiency in Local Government Operations