Green Cities Need Green Buildings

Part of the problem, part of the solution

Buildings are responsible for one-third of  global greenhouse gas emissions

Buildings rely on dirty energy sources for their power and do not use energy efficiently.  But we have the technology to change that. New and existing buildings should improve energy and water efficiency, reduce waste and pollution, rely on renewable energy, and use sustainable buildings materials. These strategies can reduce energy consumption in buildings by 30-80 percent!

What do we need to change? 
  • City ordinances that require residents and builders to go through a  cumbersome permitting process in order to install solar panels on their homes.  By rethinking city ordinances, we can remove the bureaucratic obstacles to green building and encourage  energy efficiency.
  • Building codes that promote LEED certification, a green building certification program that recognizes best practices in building to promote clean, renewable energy.
  • Make renewable energy affordable and create positive incentives for adopting sustainable building plans.
So what’s next?

Overcoming these hurdles will kick start a green building movement. In the process, we can save energy, save money, create construction jobs, and secure a more sustainable future.

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