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Dear Faith Leaders:

As faith leaders, you provide the inspiration, hope and action to elevate the plight of rapid species loss and its effects on our shared home.

Rapid species extinction, that many scientists are calling the Sixth Extinction, impacts values core to all faith traditions: stewardship of the environment on which we all depend, caring for the health of our communities, and the responsibility to protect the most vulnerable.

We invite you to take action to respond to the urgent and unprecedented problem created by rapid species extinction, by deepening your understanding of biodiversity and how intrinsically linked it is to the production of food, water, and clean air, the control of climate and disease, and to our spiritual well being.

Your participation in Earth Day 2019 will help elevate the ethical principles of your faith tradition, that inform our relationship with other living things, and start a process for all of us to take personal responsibility.

Earth Day Network is in the process of preparing a toolkit that will provide members of your faith tradition with additional resources and learning materials for our Protect Our Species campaign. They will include things to do, and how to organize events or activities. Explore our website to engage on Earth Day as an individual or as an organization.

Below are selected resources by faith tradition linking environmental stewardship and faith. We are always striving to update and improve our website. If you are from a faith group or organization and have access to or know of quality environmental resources, please email us at [email protected].

Download the Earth Day 2019 Faith Leader’s Toolkit.

Hindu Environmental Resources

Sikh Environmental Resources

Other Earth Day Network Resources

Interested in other ways to be environmentally friendly? Refer to the following resources to keep the spirt of Earth Day alive all throughout the year.

Canopy Project Earth Day Network’s Canopy Project works worldwide to strengthen communities through tree planting. Using agroforestry, sapling distribution and tree care training, we empower organizations and citizens to conserve, repair, and restore tree cover to their lands. Earth Day Network targets areas of the world most in need of reforestation, including some of the world’s poorest communities; and land degraded by logging, fires, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. Our projects also focus on environmentally critical areas such the Amazon rainforest and the Boreal Forest.

Green Schools Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. To confront the challenges they will face, all students need the best-available, science based information about climate change. And they deserve a healthy green-friendly school building in which to learn.


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