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Don’t let your town, office, or school miss out on Earth Day. Plan an event today!

Not sure what to do? Earth Day Network has you covered with these toolkits that give you ideas, tips, and hints on how to plan Earth Day in your area. Find the toolkit that best applies to you and get started today!



Planning an Earth Day event on behalf of your organization is a great way to educate your network on all things environment. By incorporating Green Cities components, you can help us achieve our sustainable future. Check out our toolkit for exciting ways to plan your Earth Day event.


Environmental education in schools is instrumental to the future of Green Cities. We must educate our future leaders of tomorrow on the importance of sustainability. Our toolkit offers ideas on how you can get your students excited about Earth Day.


College campuses are some of the most progressive places around. Organizing around the environment is a great way to engage your peers on Green cities issues. Use our toolkit to find out ideas on how to maximize your Earth Day event on campus.



Greener Greater Building Plan Guide

Learn about New York City’s Greener Greater Building Plan and find out how you can replicate the program in your city.

LED Relamping Guide

Looking for ways for your city to save taxpayer dollars? Learn about LED relamping and find out how your city can reduce its electricity bill and descrease its carbon footprint.

Project Permit Guide

In order for cities to really embrace renewable energy, they must improve the permitting process for residential solar. Learn about how your city can streamline the application process and help save residents money.

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