Learn About Green Cities

What does a green city mean to you?

To us, a green city is a city that has the cleanest and most efficient energy, transportation, and building infrastructure possible.

A green city derives its energy from renewable sources like solar and wind, and distributes that energy through efficient and reliable microgrids.

A green city is made up of buildings that are energy efficient, conserve water, and reduce waste. A green city is connected by clean and accessible public transportation networks and is biking- and walking-friendly. A green city is a healthier, more affordable, and more pleasant place to live.

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renewable energy for green cities

The world’s energy infrastructure is outdated and inefficient. Find out how we can transition to a more sustainable energy system.

Green Buildings

green building for green city

Buildings are responsible for 1/3 of global greenhouse gas emissions. Find out how green building can change that.


sustainable transportation for green cities

Transportation is the fastest growing source of carbon emissions in the world. Find out what your city or town can do to make a difference.

Cities of the Future

what is a green city of the future?

Wonder how the world would change with green cities? Find out what the future looks like for our cities and towns.