Take Action to Create Sustainable Cities

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In order to green our cities and accelerate the world’s transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future, we need to change how our cities operate. We cannot afford to continue polluting our atmosphere and wasting our resources.

With your help, we will call upon cities to invest in clean energy and smart grids, we will overhaul outdated building codes and place a higher emphasis on building efficiency, and we will increase public transportation options and make our vehicles cleaner.

But we need your help to make these things happen. Click on Online Activism to learn how you can make a difference from your computer, or if you want to play a more prominent role in transforming your city, send us an email (

Online Activism

online activism for sustainable cities

Find out what actions your city can take to be greener. Lend your voice and help us influence change from your computer.

Local Campaigns

local campaigns for sustainable green cities

The campaign is already underway. Find out what’s happening on-the-ground.

Earth Day Events

earth day 2014 events for green cities

Wondering what people are doing for Earth Day this year with the Green Cities theme? Click here to find more.

Success Stories

sustainable city success stories

Check out what communities are doing and have already achieved. Find a model that your city can replicate!