Week in Review

Week In Review – July 1st

As the human species remarkably manages to avoid self-destruction for yet another week, it brings with it many new developments from each corner of the globe. Here is your week in review:

Monday: The city of Georgetown, TX, is one of the first in the U.S. to be powered by 100% renewable energy: http://bit.ly/28XCgXP

Tuesday: According to a government report, the US Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Service killed 3.2 million animals in 2015. http://bit.ly/295pry1

Wednesday: As a result of devastating bleaching occurring in the Great Barrier Reef, the U.N. is considering listing the Australian world heritage site as “In Danger”. http://bit.ly/29jpfM1


Thursday: The United Kingdom currently lacks any type of policy to meet its climate change goals, which they are legally obligated to, by the year 2030. http://bit.ly/29cbLOG


Big Story: A section of the historic Route 66 in Missouri will be receiving new paving, only this time with solar panels lining the road! http://bit.ly/28Yly8W