Action Alert: Help Us Protect Species by Taking Our Pesticide Pledge | Earth Day Network

Take the pesticide pledge!

I hereby join Earth Day Network in pledging to no longer use pesticides.

Pollinators are critically important to our global food production and nutritional security. Estimates suggest that pollinators directly contribute between US$235 billion and US$577 billion to global food production each year. Without pollinators, many of the foods we depend on would become scarce, putting life on our planet at risk.

Even more worryingly, reports from beekeepers and scientific surveys estimate dramatic declines in bee populations around the world. In fact, 40 percent of pollinator species such as bees and butterflies are facing extinction across the globe.

The culprits behind the dramatic decline include intensive agricultural practices and pesticide use; alien invasive species; diseases and pests; and climate change. Another phenomenon, known as colony collapse disorder (CCD), has been identified as a major long-term threat to bees and occurs when the majority of worker bees in a colony disappear, leaving behind a queen and abundant honey.

There are several factors attributed to CCD, but a growing body of research indicates that pesticides, chiefly neonicotinoids, are a leading cause of the massive bee die-offs across the planet. Neonicotinoids or neonics kill insects by attacking their nerve cells. Many insects poisoned with neonics suffer uncontrollable twitching, shaking, paralysis, or death.

We need bees to keep pollinating our food and ensure healthy sustainable ecosystems now and in the future. We can’t afford to continue contributing to the collapse of pollinator species and the decline of their populations. Help protect pollinators by pledging to go pesticide-free!

Thank you for pledging to stop your use of pesticides.


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