Action Alert: Help Us Protect Bees by Taking Our Pesticide Pledge | Earth Day Network

Take the pesticide pledge!

I hereby join Earth Day Network in pledging to no longer use pesticides.

Pollinators are some of the most important species around the world. They allow plants that humans rely on for food to reproduce. Without pollinators we would run out of food very quickly. Even more worryingly, according scientific surveys and beekeepers around the world, populations of bees – one of the most important pollinators – are falling.

Part of the reason for this decline is a new phenomenon known as colony collapse disorder, in which bees become confused and cannot return to their hive. There are a number of factors leading to colony collapse disorder, but according to the EPA, one major culprit for this problem is the widespread use of harmful pesticides. Commonly used pesticides, even some marketed as non-toxic or biodegradable, attack the nervous system of bees that come in contact with them, making it difficult if not impossible for the bees to find their way back home.

We need bees to keep pollinating our food. We can’t afford to continue contributing to the collapse of their hives and the decline of their populations. Thank you for pledging to stop your use of pesticides.


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