Vote Earth

Congress Must Be Held Accountable to the Public’s Climate Goals Through Voting

Voting is the single most impactful action an individual can take to fight climate change, ensure environmental justice, and Invest in Our Planet.

While sustainable choices and volunteering are vital and significant acts of service on a community level, solving climate change and other large scale environmental issues requires the support of elected leaders who can affect change on a national level through their policy decisions. Our Vote Earth campaign makes it as easy as possible to make an impact and hold your leaders accountable.

The significance of voting as an environmental act, however, is lost on many. Over 12 million environmentalists did not vote in the 2018 US midterm elections according to the Environmental Voter Project. Mobilizing this large group of non-voting environmentalists to cast their ballots would significantly affect the power of the climate movement in national politics. 

As the 2022 midterm election approaches, the US federal government’s ability to act on climate hangs in the balance. The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, which contains major provisions to address (but not fully solve) carbon emissions was approved by the narrowest possible vote; if even a single Senator who voted for the bill loses their re-election, Congress will likely lose its ability to act on climate.

The majority of Americans believe that Congress should do more to address global warming. Without holding elected officials accountable through voting, the voice of millions of constituents goes unheard.

Did you vote in the last election? We need a united front for climate action to win at the polls. We need you to turn out and make the most important contribution you can personally make to solve climate change and ensure environmental justice. We need you to Vote Earth.

Use these tools to register to vote in less than two minutes, check or update an existing registration, learn about your voting rights, and make a plan for you and your friends to get to the polls.

Winning an election is the best motivator for a politician to do their job — tell them they can only keep it by supporting climate action. Vote Earth.