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Create Your Own Act of Green

Billion Acts of Green:

Create Your Own Act of Green

With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day fast approaching in 2020, Earth Day Network is launching a series of major campaigns to catalyze and channel global collaboration for the health of our planet. This is where you come in. We need your help and your personal action. Please support our campaign by creating your own Act of Green — and helping us reach 3 billion.

Here Are Some Ideas to Inspire Your Own Act of Green:

  • “My classroom wrote 27 letters to the President about climate change.” –Emily, Philadelphia PA
  • “I gave up smoking as an act of green. I would have generated 730,000 cigarette butts and my kids would have inhaled my second hand smoke.” — Larry, New Orleans
  • “I planted 10 fruit trees for my less fortunate neighbor. He likes oranges.” — Ted, Tampa FL
  • “My family decided to stop eating meat for a month. We will let you know how that goes.” –Barbara, Des Moines
  • “I voted for candidates who believe that climate change is real. I guess I will have to get a few more of my friends the next time.” — Julio, Phoenix
  • “I planted 100 trees with my neighbors for Earth Day in our local park.” — Kevin, Savannah GA
  • “I broke up with my girlfriend because she would not recycle not matter what I said.” — Joe, Portland
  • “I bought a hybrid. It is awesome. Not much gas and it’s really quiet.” — Lionel, Brooklyn
  • “I gave up meat and plastic bags for Lent.” — Carol, Michigan
  • “I will start buying more organic food.” — Karuna, Kolkata India
  • “I will not hunt unless it is for meat to eat.” — Hank, Kentucky
  • “I quit using plastic bags.” — Emile, Lyon France