50 Voices for the Planet


2020 is a year that demands urgent, bold and united action to avert the most devastating future impacts of our climate crisis. 2020 also marks 50 years of Earth Day, when millions joined together to call for greater protections for our planet.

This global movement needs everyone, at every level, to take bold action to safeguard our planet.

To inspire this action, we seized the power of some of the world’s most influential voices across science, business, policy, activism and culture to demand transformative action to protect our planet and the communities and ecosystems most at risk.

This is 50 Voices for the Planet —

Videos launched globally on March 3 to kick off the 50-day countdown to Earth Day.

Each day, we unveiled a new video, and a new voice for our planet, as we counted down to 50 years of Earth Day on April 22, and the global mobilizations that engaged millions worldwide.

Add your voice to 50 Voices for the Planet. Together, we can build a movement that is inclusive, impactful, and impossible to ignore.