Climate Action

Win for Environmental Education: SB720 Passes in California

We are happy to share some exciting news coming out of California: Senate Bill 720 passed. This piece of legislation supports environmental literacy in the state of California and will work to ensure that all public school students have access to high-quality environmental education programs. Earth Day Network was a supporter of this legislation and signed and submitted letters to state representatives and the Governor. Many thanks and congratulations to our friends at Ten Strands for helping to coordinate this effort! We are hopeful that more states will follow in California’s green footsteps to support and mandate equal access to environmental education — and increase environmental literacy for students. As always, Earth Day Network will continue to champion all efforts to formally embed environmental education in K-12 and higher education in the United States and across the globe. This wonderful success story shows how your voice can make a difference! Join us in urging your local and state representatives that environmental education is important to you, your community, and your planet. Support bans that work to eliminate single use plastics in your local waterways and green spaces. Speak up for plant and animal species that need your protection! Contact your Senator(s) and Congressional representatives today.