Green Cities

Think Past Tomorrow

“Combating climate change and protecting our national security are one and the same, and it’s imperative that lawmakers start treating our warming planet with the same urgency that they treat other security threats.”          

-Thomas Kean, Former Governor (R-NJ) and Chair of the 9/11 Commission

Climate change has been defined as a global threat multiplier by the United States Department of Defense. As the environment becomes less stable creates economic situations and resource disputes, intelligence departments and our military recognize the danger of climate change around the world.  As such, 48 national leaders in foreign policy and security have urged businesses and the American government to “think past tomorrow” in making effective decisions.Mobilizing the strength of the United States government is a progressive step towards tackling this global threat calling leaders to act on the environment. Supporting leaders include: Retired US Army Chief of Staff, General Gordon R. Sullivan; Sandy Berger and Bud McFarlane; Secretaries of Defense, Chuck Hagel, William Cohen and Leon Panetta; Senators Olympia Snowe and Richard Lugar and many other senators, governors, retired military leaders, national security officials, and foreign policy leaders.

“From a military standpoint we don’t look at climate security as a liberal/conservative or big government/little government issue. We see it as a phenomenon that will impact our ability to base, train, deploy, and operate…We have to account for it in an affordable and technically achievable way that accepts reasonable risk, but preserves our ability to execute our missions. We have to get this out of theology discussions into science and data discussions and start looking at the risk, how bad can it be, and what can we do. Time is wasting.”

-Retired Four-Star General & Commander in Chief of Air Combat Command, Ron Keys

Over 190 countries will be meeting in Paris this December for a global climate summit. Several critical nations have committed to addressing climate change including crucial actors like China, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa, Peru, and India.

Paula Reser, Intern