The Great Global Cleanup

Students in Tanzania participate in global cleanup efforts

Inspired by the global Earth Day 2022 theme ‘Invest In Our Planet’, students at Tanzania’s oldest and premier public academic institution – the University of Dar es Salam – conducted a cleanup of the university’s ecological garden. Zuhura Ahmad of EARTHDAY.ORG, (the global environmental NGO responsible for Earth Days since 1970) was present at the cleanup that took place on April 09 as a commemoration of Earth Day during the Earth Month April. 

Zuhura says: ’The students cleared approximately 50 Kilograms of litter that was affecting the Garden. Of this, 60% turned out to be plastic. This is very worrying as items such as PET bottles and single-use bags (that mostly comprised the waste collected) are non-biodegradable and could continue to remain on the planet for hundreds of years. Under our End Plastic Pollution and Great Global Cleanup initiatives, EARTHDAY.ORG will continue to widen awareness about the need to reduce our use of plastic and instead switch to biodegradable alternatives.’ 

At the cleanup, the University of Dar es Salam students said ‘we commit ourselves to Invest In Our Planet and to carry out even more cleanups.’