Green Cities

Refuse the Straw and More this Summer

As we dive deeper into summer, we are aiming our focus on a small piece of plastic we can do without: the straw. Our Earth Day 2018 campaign to End Plastic Pollution was wildly successful and we are continuing our global efforts to reduce plastic waste and overall use. To keep up the momentum, we’re asking you to join us this 4th of July in taking a simple step: refuse the straw. While you’re enjoying the outdoors celebrating, ordering or making your favorite ice cold beverages, you can make a difference by skipping the straw. Simply saying, “No straw, please” can make all the difference in the world. It doesn’t have to end there. Refuse to use plastic cups, water bottles, forks, and other wasteful single-use plastic products. Instead, choose to use reusable utensils to improve your eco-friendly footprint. We know small individual actions and choices can make a big collective difference. (Use our plastic calculator to track, then reduce, your use.) This Independence Day, we’re grateful for our freedoms and our beautiful country. So keep it clean and go green to protect the red, white, and blue. — Madeleine Sagebiel