Climate Action

Providing the Knowledge to Act on Climate

The United States is one of only four countries in the entire world that has an organized climate change denial movement.  But now more than ever, climate change is an urgent matter that needs to be recognized and addressed by everyone.  In a study conducted by scholars at both Yale and George Mason University, two thirds of Americans recognize that climate change is occurring.  However, of those who recognized that climate change is happening, two thirds of them do not know what they can do to help. This is why climate change education is so crucial to our future and the health of our earth.  It helps to address two different groups in the United States, one of which openly denies climate change, the other recognizes climate change as an issue but lacks the knowledge of what they can do to help.  People always say knowledge is power.  Therefore, climate change education gives our children the knowledge they need to recognize the legitimacy and gravity of climate change and how to address it. Recently, congress failed to pass a bill that would have established a stronger climate change education program in schools across the United States.  However, at Earth Day Network, we’ve been working hard to create an interactive and engaging iTextbook, The Story of Climate Change, aimed at middle school students. Despite congress’s failure to recognize the necessity for climate education, we are taking action to provide climate education resources in the classroom. Through our work in creating our climate iTextbook, we hope to help foster climate literacy in all students.  We can create a generation of students who have the power to act on climate change and make a difference in the health of our earth. Look out for the free download in August! Maurita Obermiller, Intern