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Press Conference Announcing Stepped-up Action on Climate

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Press Conference Announcing Stepped-up Action on Climate and Environmental Education by the Governments of Italy and Mexico with the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Earth Day Network

10 December at 12 30 Central European Time

Press Conference Room 1 ‘Chiloe’ at COP25

High quality, universal climate and environmental education is going to be critical for the ability of young people to address the challenges in the 21stC.

Many countries have some level of climate and environmental education in secondary schools and higher education.

But many experts believe there is an urgency to increase the coverage, depth and quality of this education if a new generation is to cope with the challenges of climate and environmental change rapidly emerging world-wide.

2020 has been called a ‘Super Year’ for increased ambition across governments and across society and nations are being asked to submit enhanced national climate plans known as NDCs under the formal UN process.

Today two pioneering governments will announce actions to support this in respect to climate and environmental education and will urge more governments to follow suit.

In doing so they wish to make a positive contribution to the lives of children and youth while contributing to the success of Earth Day 2020 in its 50th anniversary year and a strong outcome at COP26 later in the year in the UK.

Those attending the Press Conference are:-

  • Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
  • Lorenzo Fioramonti, Minister of Education, Innovation and Research, Italy
  • Martha Delgado, Vice Minister of Global Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mexico
  • Kathleen Rogers, President of the Earth Day Network and Earth Day 2020

For More information Please Contact Nick Nuttall, Strategic Communicational Director, Earth Day 2020 on e -mail: [email protected] Mobile: +49 1602111102

Journalists not attending the COP25 can watch the press conference on the live link provided by UNFCCCC at

Journalists outside COP25 can ask questions in Italian or English via Max Falcone [email protected] and questions in Spanish to Tiahoga Ruge [email protected]