Press Release

EDN President Kathleen Rogers’s response to Paris Agreement Withdrawal

Statement from Earth Day Network President Kathleen Rogers in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement confirming U.S. plans to withdraw from the Paris Agreement

Today’s announcement by President Trump to begin the formal process of leaving the Paris Climate Change Agreement should concern Americans everywhere.

With his declaration, President Trump rejects the short and long-term gains for Americans and the world.  The current U.S. administration is committed to protecting the fossil-fuel status quo and that commitment ignores the enormous economic and job-creating potential of a clean economy — from energy to manufacturing to transportation to food production.

The decision also puts the current U.S. administration on the wrong side of history.

Next year marks 50 years since the first Earth Day in 1970 brought 20 million people out on the streets for Earth Day.  It also marks fifty years of historically bipartisan efforts to protect our children and our planet. Earth Day is about fulfilling commitments, not empty promises; it’s about actions, not inertia. Earth Day 2020 provides a historic opportunity for the world to collectively respond to environmental rollbacks for political purposes like today’s announcement from President Trump.

The year 2020 also marks an important year for civic responsibility: voting. More than 60 countries will hold major elections in 2020, and citizens around the world have made their demands clear: Climate action is the top priority for political candidates. With one year until the 2020 elections, Earth Day Network calls on voters to let leaders know the power of an informed, inspired and activated citizenry.

Leaders must meet this global crisis with brave, bold solutions to protect the future of the citizens they have been elected to defend.