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EARTHDAY.ORG Staff and My Future My Voice Ambassador Recognized in Top 100 Young African Conservation Leaders for 2021

Washington, D.C. — As a result of their tireless efforts and deep commitment to conservation and environmentalism, EARTHDAY.ORG staff Jean-Betrand Mhandu, Africa Regional Director; Derrick Mugisha, Africa Regional Director; and Rahmina Paulette Oyugi, My Future My Voice Ambassador, have been recognized as the top youth leaders in conservation from 23 countries in Africa. 

The Top 100 will have access to a one-year leadership development program aimed at enabling them to have knowledge and skills to improve design of their initiatives, implementation model, community engagement, and networking.

“The environment is a precious resource and the least we can do is ensure its preservation. It is such a pleasure to be recognized for my work and included in the Top 100 Young Conservation Leaders in Africa. This honor encourages me to go above and beyond in my work and continue to be a driver for positive environmental change in Africa. I am ready for the challenge. Let’s keep the movement going!” said Jean-Betrand Mhandu, EARTHDAY.ORG Africa Regional Director. 

“I am excited to be recognized among the inspiring Top 100 Young Conservation Leaders in Africa. Thank you for this acknowledgement. This recognition should be an inspiration to all African youths, that we are not too young to lead. Let’s take up opportunities around us, utilize them and build the Africa we want. Africa needs more young leaders to demand and advocate for implementation of climate & biodiversity actions to build resilience, create more green jobs and secure our future. The continent needs more youths to work together to help African governments, CSOs, academia, media and individuals to look at the benefits of assessed and mandatory climate literacy across all of Africa and make this priority ahead of COP 26,” said Derrick Mugisha, EARTHDAY.ORG Africa Regional Director. 

Launched on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, EARTHDAY.ORG’s My Future My Voice program has brought together young environmental leaders from Asia, Africa, Middle-East, and Latin America to share their successes and best practices with other youth in the region. Titled as Youth Ambassadors, each of the youth have pledged to take environmental actions for Earth Day and to Restore our Earth. Our My Future My Voice ambassadors work in diverse environmental areas ranging from protection of biodiversity, increase the green cover, waste management, aim for zero waste, save our precious natural resources and educate those less fortunate. 

“I would love to express my gratitude towards The Top 100 African Youths Conservation Leadership for highlighting my efforts among the emerging 100 Leaders. Saving mother Earth and its biodiversity is our role.” said Rahmina Paulette Oyugi, My Future My Voice Ambassador. 

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Press Contact: Olivia Altman, EARTHDAY.ORG, Publicist, [email protected]