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EARTHDAY.ORG – India Releases “Great Taste No Waste” Cookbook

In honor of World Food Day, EARTHDAY.ORG-India released an electronic cookbook titled, “Great Taste No Waste” that showcases potential ways to help lower our foodprints.

Foodprints measure the environmental impacts associated with the growing, producing, transporting, and storing of our food— from the natural resources consumed to the pollution produced to the greenhouse gases emitted. 

“Great Taste No Waste” is a compilation of recipes from 29 contributors across the world including professional and home chefs. The entries explain the ways we can lower our foodprint by turning foods we often throw away, such as leftovers or peels, into tasty dishes. Recipes range from traditional meals that are passed down from generation to generation, to modern-day innovative fare.

“In keeping with our conviction that Earth’s future relies on implementing green sustainable practices, EARTHDAY.ORG – India, put together ‘Great Taste No Waste.’ Our 6th eBook contains recipes that help readers reduce waste and keep our common home – Earth – abundant in natural resources and a place where species exist in harmony,” said Karuna Singh, Regional Director of Asia and Country Director of India, EARTHDAY.ORG.

“As nearly half of all fruit & vegetables produced globally are wasted each year, we really need to find solutions as well as upcycle for a more sustainable planet and this tool is great example what each of us can do,” said Jillian Semaan, Food and Environment Director, EARTHDAY.ORG.

Read the full cookbook here.

Learn more about Foodprints for the Future here.


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