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Policies and Financials

Books and Records

The Corporation shall keep at its registered office, its principal office in this state, or at its Secretary’s office if in this state, the following: current articles and bylaws; correct and adequate records of accounts and finances; a record of officers’ and Directors’ names and addresses; minutes of the meetings of the Board and any minutes that may be maintained by the committees of the Board. Records may be written or electronic if capable of being converted to writing. All books and records of the Corporation may be inspected by any Director, or his or her agent or attorney, for any proper purpose at any reasonable time.

Conflicts of Interest

All EDN employees must refrain from participating in any activity (including ownership of, or benefit from a vendor to EDN) that would create a conflict of interest or the appearance of such a conflict. Any question about whether an activity would violate this policy should be directed to Senior Vice President or President for guidance.

Subject to the rule on conflicts, employees may hold a job with another organization as long as he/she satisfactorily performs his/her job responsibilities at EDN, and does not perform that job during normal EDN work hours. An EDN employee may be asked to terminate outside employment if it interferes with his/her performance, violates the conflict of interest policy, or impedes his/her ability to meet EDN’s requirements. EDN requests that employees with outside jobs notify the Senior Vice President or President.