Climate Action

Make an Earth Day Resolution

Forget New Year’s resolutions (you broke it already, right?) This year, Make an Earth Day 2018 resolution with us. We know that small green actions we take in our lives help protect the environment, improve our lives, and influence others. One green step at a time and we will see big impact. There’s strength in numbers! Together, we can make a big difference. So let’s get started. This year’s campaign is focused on actions to End Plastic Pollution, so you can consider giving up single-use plastic, like plastic straws or water bottles or plastic bags. Calculate your plastic waste, then resolve to reduce it, one action at a time. Maybe you’ll resolve to participate in local beach or park clean-ups or simple pick up trash when you see it. You could resolve to reduce your meat consumption, or buy produce locally to reduce your carbon footprint. How about biking or taking public transit once a week to work or carpool with coworkers? You could resolve to plant your own garden or plant a tree. Are you in? Join us: Make your resolution today.